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the reef

For christmas I got a disposable underwater camera to take pictures  below the surface of the Bali ocean. A feeling of total freedom I get every time I snorkel there…

the reef 

the blue below 


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During my stay in Bali, my mom and her boyfreind were traveling Indonesia. The last week they spent on Bali and we met on Vienna beach. Also my dad was there with his wife… very confusing for the locals, because they saw Nelleke as my mother… and now there are 2 mamma’s and 2 pappa’s of Daphne???

I always tried to explain Nelleke is not my mother… appairently they did not understood then, maybe they understand now?


me and mam and juice and arak and sun and ocean 

This picture was taken on 11th of february. The birthday of Nelleke and Margreet, a big party that night!


…and snorkling is one of the best experiences…

The garden in the ocean

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 Amed Bali

The new moon made the lowtide extreem low that morning. An impression of the wonders beneath the surface of the ocean at Vienna Beach.

coralgarden (26)

In the background of this picture you see my Bali house, part of me will always be there. 

coralgarden (25) 

coralgarden (8)


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The last week Amed while having my breakfast, Nyoman came to us from the beach and told us a turtle was captured by a fisherman. The turtle distroyed the nets and the fisherman needed to sell the turtle (for it’s meat) to get his nets repaired. Nyoman told us we could save the turtle by paying for the repairation of the net.

My dad said he wanted to pay to set the turtle free, and soon as other tourists found out, they offered to pay a part of this rescu too.

This picture shows you the turtle, 1 sec. away from freedom.

almost home 

back home

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After 6 1/2 weeks Bali I needed 1 week to get back to life as it is. Bali now seems like a pink dream to me, like I was never realy there. Pictures of the island and the people make me realise it was no dream. Pictures… I’ll try to tell my tropical adventures inhere everytime I cross a picture with a story.

This picture… well it was taken at the party we gave to the local people to thank them for their kindness and hospitality. My favorite locals were the kids.. this bunch is having a good time at the party. I love looking at their wild(excited!)happy faces.

local-party (61)

About my previous post… 5 weeks!! without smoking, then in a weak moment , round a campfire, drinking Arak…a joint passed my way..I could not refuse and that was the start of the return of my bad habit.


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Ubud monkey forest

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Chuck E. Weiss.
Thats what I’m listening to while optimizing sites for searchengine ranking… my thoughts wander away every 10 sec. Dreaming away to Bali. Less then 2 months from now and I’ll be heading east. It’s getting closer, I must start thinking about vaccination shots, visum and stuff like that. I’m getting so excited everytime I think about this.
Adventure is calling… 6 weeks island hopping with my backpack… most of the trip I’ll be travelling alone.
24 years ago was the last time I travelled alone, I remember how much I loved that..nobody knows you, being a stranger in every street you walk…

I know now from my last trip, I’ll be missing my kids and hubby very very much…the first week.
After that, I won’t be crying anymore every time I mention them.

Strange… last trip, my biggest worry was missing them, now my biggest worry is if it will be save enough for a woman, travelling alone.
I remeber feeling very safe when I was in Bali. Walking alone through the dark, I would never do that here, but there, the only thing that could be scary are the dogs at night…when there are many, some fighting… I know they scared me one time when I was strolling through Ubud one night.
They can make scaring sounds…and look at you with wolfs eyes, most of them have skindeseases and don’t look cute at all in the dark.

Bali is a magical island, ppl who’ve been there will tell you the same.

Bali Bombing

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Ubud bali morning

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I jus saw the news…my beautifull paradise bali is again the scene of terror and death today…
Bombs exploded in several places, I read over 30 people died, many injuired.
I cry… although I visited Bali only once, the island and it’s people are close to my heart. Januari I will return there, travel the island for 6 weeks, I will not be scared.
Bali..I’ll pray for you

Project Banyuning

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Bali January 2005.
Banyuning village. One of the children that will benefit of our Project we started this year to help the village.
This (first) year we accomplished quite a lot! We raised a fair amount of money, friends but also strangers donated to the bankaccounts we put on the Project Banyuning wesite at .
Also we connected with a charity organisation who will visit Banyuning with us in January 2006. They want to donate a big amount of money (enough to finish the school project), but first, of course, they want to see and inspect our project. I am very proud we got this far already, and it gave me inspiration to go on with this.