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 I’ve uploaded my pictures I took in portugal.

My first time I went there and I must say I was impressed… this is a beautiful country (well the part that I  have seen is). I’ve been to the most western rock in Europe ‘Cabo da roca’

beach (19) 

Visited nice little fishermens villages …

portugal (22)    

and got connected with dangerous Brasilian brews …The Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil.

portugal (1) 

but best of all, I got to spend some quality time with my only uncle (by blood). This was the first time in my life I got to know him a little. He has always lived and worked overseas, and I only got to see him maybe once a year at speedvisits at my grandmothers house. I am very happy I went there now. He is not so young anymore, and has started chemotherapy to fight a cancer, the day before we arrived. Ofcourse he will be better :)

portugal (2) 


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Failure is my middle name. When I was in Portugal the not smoking went so well.

Soon as I got home, I started to feel the urge (how do I spell that?) to smoke again. My son did his best to distract me from this feelings, but when in the evening some pers. family problems occurred, I had to smoke some. The days after I still tried to not touch any sigs…but it was too late. 1 lousy sigaret and I am a full junkie again. I hate it so much to be dependent of this cancer giving habit.



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Again I will make an attemp to stop my worst addiction: SMOKING.

I am so done with being a junkie of nicotine (and weed too ofcourse). When I quit 5 (!) weeks this year in Jan./Feb., I felt so free and clean. I want to feel like that again.

The last trap that cought me again (fall back into smoking) was set on the beach in Bali… campfire, music, arak (local brew). Every time I take “the first sig” again, it is when I party, thinking that it will be easy to smoke just 1. I must be aware to not fall for that one again.

This time I must make it. Again I will use softlaser therapy (3rd time, I know it helps), this time I will repeat the therapy after 4 weeks.

Bye bye bad habit tomorrow.

Blog fixed

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I experienced some troubes with this blog… comments were gone and  commenting was not possible (not that many ppl left comments, but I still wanted it to work)

Anyway, problem fixed! :)

I can relax.

Pic: flowerchilds cat


november days

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I’ve finished a website of an art painter last week, Paulus Kamp.

 He mainly paints aquarels, but does oil paint end mixed media too, and makes amazing paintings. I really enjoyed working on this site, Paulus is an old friend of my mom and dad and knows me from childhood.

I remember him as my ‘fightpal’. Whenever Paulus came to visit, we had a friendly fight, stumbling and rolling through the house… well in my memory that is :)

Paulus Kamp

goodbye SjaSu

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A couple of weeks ago we had a goodbye party for Sjaak and Suus (in short Sjasu). They left on a jetplane towards Thailand, to star a new life. I don’t blame them, eversince I smelled the tropic way of life, I can fully understand why one would leave the Netherlands behind… but I miss them.


Sjasu were the only ones passing by without appointment at our home, I love(d) that. In the Netherlands ppl prefer you make an appointment to visit a friend, everybody is soooo busy, it seems to hard to stop what you’re doing, when a friend comes to visit you unexpected… I never been raised that way, and I have a hard time here in the Netherlands to keep friendships alive.

except for Sjasu (and a few lifetime friends), every week, early morning Sjaak came sharing a morning joint  before start working, many Sundays they came over with the kids, just to drink, smoke and be together.

Now they started with friends of them a resort in Thailand, on a small Island called Koh Pahgnan. Moonflower bungalows , go check that lil’ paradise out, and if you happen to be into lowbudget travelling, think about that place ;)



Vienna Beach burned down :(

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The resort where we always stay in Bali burned down not long ago. The staff has no work till the hotel will be rebuild. My dad, who is there at this time, started a email action amongst friends to gather some money to help out the staff of 19 persons. These people heve a family and kids to feed, and are in serious trouble. We raised enough money to support them for the next 3 months!

I’m very proud my dad stands up for these people, instead of just saying how bad it is without acting. Again it’s prooved that small acts do have big effects for some people.

Meanwhile, they already started to rebuild Vienna Beach, and when I’ll return in January, it will be probably openend.




$90,500 in fines and 59 years in prison?

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after months of silence, 2 times in one day I wanted to share something here. Told you quickly about my wonderful weed  this year.. the guy in the story below was less lucky… however I still think GOOGLE earth rules!


10/16: Sheriff’s department uses Google Earth to pinpoint marijuana fields

By Janine Anderson
Journal Times

DOVER — The Racine County Sheriff’s Department used Google Earth — an online mapping program — last week to pinpoint marijuana fields in Mount Pleasant and bust a Racine man for harvesting pot.

The investigation began Friday after Racine County Sheriff’s deputies pulled over Dean Brown, 37, of Racine, near highways 75 and 20, according to a criminal complaint. A deputy smelled marijuana as he approached the car, and discovered 18 pounds of freshly harvested marijuana in the car’s cargo area. The marijuana, stuffed in two large garbage bags with heavy stems poking through the plastic, was worth between $63,000 and $140,000.

Brown was arrested for felony drug possession, but that was just the beginning of the investigation. Deputies found a GPS unit around Brown’s neck with coordinates to areas throughout Racine County, the complaint said.

On Saturday, Metro Drug agents plugged coordinates saved in Brown’s GPS unit into Google Earth, a searchable compilation of satellite images available through the Internet. By entering the coordinates, agents were able to find the locations in Racine County programmed into the GPS unit.

Members of the Metro Drug Unit went to two sites off Dover Line Road, near where Brown was arrested. They first found six plants tied to corn stalks with string to hold them up. The roots had vermiculite around them, which is often used to start plants at home before transplanting them elsewhere. The next site had two plants growing in a field.

Authorities confiscated the plants, bagged them in burlap and locked them away to dry.
On Sunday, agents entered additional coordinates into Google Earth and found a grow site in Mount Pleasant, between Highway C, Kraut Road and Interstate 94. They found two plots in a very large cornfield, and pulled out three plants.

Brown faces six criminal charges: possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia, and four counts of manufacturing marijuana.

Brown has been charged as a repeat drug offender, which increases his possible prison time for felony charges by four years. If convicted on all charges, he could face a maximum penalty of $90,500 in fines and 59 years in prison.


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it’s not because I don’t want to write inhere, it’s not because my life stopped and there’s nothing to write about anymore, maybe it’s because time is going so much faster then it did e few years ago, but my summer in a nutshell:

 bought a laptop (my first!!),6 weeks with Luna in France, Jazz went to Bali with my father, Francois was touring with bangbangbazooka this summer (separated holidays…).

2 of my best friends are emigrating to Thailand, Dad made a little shop / house in Bali, I have my ticket to fly there! been with Marcia to her job to make people happy, had some bad ass parties, worked like crazy past months, end of oktober and still 18 degrees here, it was the wettest month of august, it was the hottest month of september , harvest the weed in my garden: BEST I ever grown outside!

Pictures will follow :)