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Summer is gone...

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And part of me as well.

From June ’till August Luna and I spend 2 months in Bali.
For her the first time, for me coming home. Now we feel alike, I recognise melancholy in her voice when we talk about ‘our island’.
 She needed a few weeks to realy get used to this new place; Luna is very ‘accessible’ for earthly & spiritual forces, and bali is one big ratatouille of exactly that.

Because we travelled around a lot the first 2 weeks, she didn’t get time to grow accustomed to these feelings. Day 1 and 2  we spent in Lipah, Pondok Vienna Beach. It was great to see Made kaler and all staff there. 2 days was all we had to say hello to all friends in the village, it was too short, then packed our bags and moved on to Aas. 5 KM down (or up?) the road, into the family house of Jack. Made and his family live there, and they always treat us like family, … they feel like family.
After 4 days in Aas we went with 2 small fishingboats across street Lombok for 4 1/2 hours, to arrive at a small island Gili Air, just in front of Lombok.

giliair (4) 
4 days we stayed there, and we would have loved to stay a few weeks more. It’s so quiet and easygoing there… not at all what I expected. Prejudiced that every Muslim island would be as ‘friendly’ as the Lombok people, I was supprised about the relaxed way the people live here.
Ok an island so small that it takes 1 hour on horseback to go around, too small to have police and no motorised transport, has the right ingredients for relaxed life.
We smoked some great weed there (from Atjeh) too.

gili-air-08 (79)
On our exciting trip back, street Lombok was wild, so wild that walls of water surrounded our boat. Luna put on her lifejacket and I kept mine close. Dolphins, hundreds of them!, swam along with us for almost an hour. Luna and I were convinced they were there for a reason. To guide us safe to bali.
The waves were meters high and we could see the sunlight through.. the dolphins swam in the waves what gave a spectacular sighting… it was one of those moments when one feels so alive.
The fisherman dumped us on the beach of Lipah, we and our bags wet like we were just saved from a sunken ship (absolutely nothing stays dry in those small boats).
Again a couple of days in Lipah, then we headded for Ubud. We hired a car to make a roundtrip, to show Luna a bit of the island, but arriving in Ubud, every day was too short so we had to change plans every day, and finaly the only trip we made was to lake Batur.

batur (67) 
After 5 days we got back in Lipah, where we could start  doing nothing and just let life take over.

vienna beach Bali