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Little Wayan...

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Little Wayan…
Little Wayan is the firstborn son of boss Wayan, owner of pondok Vienna Beach in Lipah Bali.
The past 5 years I’ve been spending most of my Bali time there. Little Wayan, I’ve seen him around, not very often, seen him growing up.
This year little Wayan spent his holiday at Vienna Beach, just at the time when we were there. First time we really got to know this young man, and he turned out to be an adorable, very shy, sweet, correct but insecure young man.
Luna, Wayan and I started to become good friends, and Wayan and I had some deep talks (untill morning) about life, girls and happyness. He has been snorkelling with us for the first time in his life, and that last morning I showed him how easy it was to use a digital camera. He always said:” I’m so stupid” and thought that he was not clever enough to do stuff like taking digital photo’s, or thought he didn’t speak very well English (in fact he could speak it very well, and taught it himself.  We didn’t know then our time together would be so short… That same evening Wayan went home while we were having diner in a restaurant,. When we came out of the restaurant our cell phone rang… little Wayan had an accident with his motorbike and didn’t survive it.
Of course we all were in state of disbelieve, wondering how did it happen, why him?
Wayan was such a carefull boy, no drinking, no fast driver, it was hard to realise that this did happen to him.
The story is that he drove his motorbike into a parked truck, boom, over.
He was just on his way back to Vienna Beach…just like us.
I took the last picture ever of him that morning… shy boy didn’t want me to…
Wayan's last photo

The next day we went to visit his devastated family, to try to support them with our tears and to say goodbye to Wayan’s body.
Luna was very brave, and went into the room where Wayan was sleeping his endless sleep.
A couple of days later was his first cremation ceremony, we were happy to be part of that.
It was the burning of his body together with all his earthly belongings. The second cremation, the stairway for the soul, was planned in august, together with his grandparents. We were already back to Holland and had to miss this.
 I’ll miss this special boy.