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In exactly 2 weeks, we’re off to Asia. I’m getting more and more excited, wondering how Luna will react to being so long away from home… and me too, first time without my papa! who was always in Bali when I was there. If any problems, he would arrange everything to solve them. This time it will be different, but now that I speak the language better, I’ll think I’ll manage, if not, well that would be my KARMA then (East Bali way of thinking)

I just booked a flight Bali -Thailand too!
21 July we’ll fly for 2 weeks to Bangkok, and we’ll travel around a bit too.
We will meet Jazz there and his (new) gf. He will show us around, since he’s there for quite some time now, he knows what are must-sees there.

Yesterday I called my friend Jacky. She lives in Bali with her son and it was soooo good to hear her voice, we were both trying to understand each other, but the connection was so bad we ended up with sending txt messages. It was fun to hear her laughing though.

The renovation of our room is finished now, so I can start cleaning there.
I had to go out last night to buy a new vacuum cleaner > ours broke down at the moment we most needed it!
This was vacuum cleaner number 4 in 3 years!! Can you believe the shit they build these days, just to keep economies going?
My first vacuum cleaner was at least 15 years old, was given for free to me and I got rid of it just because the iron robot was too big and heavy for me… I wish I never done that. They don’t make stuff anymore like they used to do.
well, I hope my new dust sucking baby will live longer and stronger :)

Oh jeah… look at the nice grave our Butcher has:

butchers resting place

Close up of his present for the eternal hunting fields, some body stole it already, now there is a statue of a cat at that place (present of Marcia)

butchers resting place 

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