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3 years

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After 3 years no blogging, all I offer is this test from my iPhone .

I do have a lot of stories/ thoughts I would like to put in this virtual memory box, but life is just too full of great things to spend free time behind a computer screen ..

Sadist Prick

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So Facebook blocked me again.


Because on the facebook page of Anti Fur Society some 14 year old kid named Dalton Bryce Kelly starts posting pictures of trapped fox to chock us, the animal respecters, with the text: Nice grey fox I caught still in the freezer. Yall want me to post a video of my skinning it?
I’ve seen worse and was not shocked but it did pis me off.
So I went to this kids profile (to find a collection of hunting pics and video’s) to get his picture and embarrass him a little bit on Facebook!

It didn’t last long enough for my taste, facebook deleted the post, slapped me on my fingers and blocked my posting for 12 hrs, boohoo :(

So here it does again:

I know he just a kid, and should probably do the same for the kids daddy (or not do this at all), but it wasn’t him posting, although he is the one raising a killing machine, but I think that’s exactly what he’s trying to do. I surfed a bit through the friends, and the kids around there are all posting bloody pictures of themselves with fresh kill, calling themselves “hunters” , KIDS for god’s sake!.  And in the meanwhile complain to Mc Donalds that there are 2 nuggets short in his portion. What are they hunting for if afterwards they eat the Mc Donalds shit instead of the meat they hunting?

From what I see this is a war loving and kill loving redneck family, people I will never understand, and vise verse.
The boy is probably trying to live up to his dad’s expectations …
I do hope these photoshops will teach him a lesson to respect the opinion of others, and not provoke on social media.



de Virtuele Assistent van Tele2

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Tele2 zegt:Welkom bij de Klantenservice van Tele2. Waarmee kan ik je van dienst zijn?

Jij zegt:mijn abonnement is afgelopen bijna, en ik wil overstappen naar een prepaid abonnement, met nummerbehoud

Tele2 zegt:Als ik het goed begrijp wil je gebruik gaan maken van Internet & Bellen van Tele2?

Jij zegt:nee…

Tele2 zegt:Hmm. Dan heb ik je verkeerd begrepen. Kan ik je nog ergens anders mee helpen?

Jij zegt:praat ik nou tegen een robot??

Tele2 zegt:Dat begreep ik niet. Kan ik je verder nog ergens mee van dienst zijn?

Jij zegt:lekker slim

Tele2 zegt:Pardon, ik kom er niet uit. Ik probeer je te begrijpen. Kan ik je verder nog ergens mee van dienst zijn?

Jij zegt:ja dat lees ik!

Tele2 zegt:Ik snap je helaas niet. Wil je daarom contact opnemen met de klantenservice? Kan ik je verder nog ergens mee van dienst zijn?

Jij zegt:hebben ze daar wel hersens?

Tele2 zegt:Dat begreep ik niet. Wil je daarom contact opnemen met de klantenservice? Kan ik je verder nog ergens mee van dienst zijn?

Jij zegt:welke kleur ondergoed heb je aan?

Tele2 zegt:Sorry, nu snap ik even niet goed wat je zegt. Je kunt via mij een e-mailbericht achterlaten voor de Tele2 klantenservice. Wil je dat?

Jij zegt:wat is je adres schatje?

Tele2 zegt:Dat begreep ik even niet. Je kunt via mij een e-mailbericht achterlaten voor de Tele2 klantenservice. Wil je dat?

Jij zegt:ehh…

Tele2 zegt:Dat begreep ik niet. Je kunt via mij een e-mailbericht achterlaten voor de Tele2 klantenservice. Wil je dat?

Jij zegt:misschien wel…

Tele2 zegt:Ik heb je helaas niet goed begrepen. Hmmm. Je kunt via mij een e-mailbericht achterlaten voor de Tele2 klantenservice. Wil je dat?

Jij zegt:hmmmm

Tele2 zegt:Ik snap je helaas niet. Wil je daarom contact opnemen met de klantenservice? Je kunt via mij een e-mailbericht achterlaten voor de Tele2 klantenservice. Wil je dat?

The summer of 2009 - 1

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Time for a little update,

Summer is gone, but I don’t mind… it was a painful summer so I don’t mind embracing autimn with all its colors :)

When the first of May we left (Luna and I) for our ‘voyage’, I had no idea what troubles lay ahead for us.

The first weeks in Bali were ceremonies; snorkeling, fun and party until the 21st of May we got back from a long day/night of huge temple ceremony. Riding in de back of our caddy, looking at the silhouettes of the palm trees against the magical starry sky, Luna started not feeling well.


By the time we arrived home, she was very sick; vomiting, fever, headaches. All night this went on and the days after she got slightly better…fever was gone but the headaches were still there. We all thought she had inflammation of the sun, because at the ceremony was not much shade to hide for us. When she felt “better “after a week, we could only leave the house at night, Luna did not support the burning sun anymore. A week or so later, Luna still wasn’t really better, we seen a doctor who didn’t give a diagnose, just some amoxicillin (medicine #1, beats most bacteria’s). I never been to a Bali doctor without leaving with that medicine, regardless what troubles I came with :)

Anyway, Luna was still not feeling 100% and a week later things got worse. The fever went up (high!) and down, headaches became unbearable, dizziness and neck pains started to appear. Now my alarm went of… these symptoms I heard of, could she have meningitis? All I knew about meningitis was that there should be some skin rash too… there was none. Still a day or so later we went to the doctor again, the time we arrived the fever was down for a while and the doctor could not find anything strange with Luna… maybe an infection of the throat, so we got another load of penciling again.

However, because she was dizzy, he advised to get a brain scan done when back to Holland. We went home again ( read: 1 hour drive to the doctor – snake road – 4 hours waiting before we see the doctor – jam karet – 1 hour drive back)

Exhausted Luna went to bed. The next day was even worse, Luna had been screaming of pain and I could not rely on the judgment of the doc anymore.

We went to the hospital in Amlapura. Been there before and knew it is primitive, but I was hoping they could help. All common tests were done, I tried to explain to them that I was thinking it was meningitis but I never got through to them because they had no clue what I was trying to say. Fever of Luna was low at that time; later when we got home with stronger penciling Luna got even worse and I started to slightly panic. I realized all options of healthcare in this primitive part of Bali were done; last option was to go to Kuta BIMC hospital. The only hospital I heard there was, runned by mostly western doctors.

First I went on the internet to read about meningitis, because her symptoms really pointed in that direction, except the skin rashes.

On the website of the Dutch meningitis association I read immediately that meningitis not always comes with the skin rash, and all symptoms of Luna fitted exactly into the meningitis profile. Now it was time to panic.

I wrote an email to the BIMC hospital to tell them I would arrive early morning with my 16 year old daughter whom I suspected of meningitis… more

Baba 2

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saying goodbye


Baba died two days ago.
As if she was feeling we are going to leave her 4 months behind… the past weeks she started to stop playing and eating less, and sighed a lot, I thought she was depressed because she felt something is going on in our family.
Last Tuesday I decided to go see the vet, to check her. He examined her blood, which was perfect on all levels, and told me that it could be either a virus or cancer of the lungs, since she had a breast amputated 6 years ago because of a bad tumor.
I went home with pills but she got worse bi the hour. The next day she could not walk for 20 meters anymore.
I went back to the vet, because her tongue started to turn blue from lack of oxygen. He diagnosed the cancer and told me we had to decide if and when we wanted to put her asleep.
We went home and talked about it and we decided we would wait ’till after the weekend, so we could get used to her leaving us.
The next day she was even worse so I called the vet to tell him I didn’t want her to suffer anymore, made the appointment for that evening, the vet would come to our house, to keep Baba relaxed, since she’s terrified of the vet’s place.
However in the afternoon Baba started to act weird and within 1/2 our she died. I called the vet, but when he arrived she was already in a coma. She died in-between Luna and me.
We miss her.

PETS (3)

So.. two of our old animals died in 1 month, and 6 days until we are in Bali. The irony …
The Balinese in our village would be rolling over the floor of laughing when they would read this post!
A dog is either a pain in the ass the you kick around and throw rocks (bad karma) at OR you catch it and you make a good sateh anjin with it.

dark side of Bali
Well I’m going to start the real packing now, make a checklist, papers, money, too many clothes that we’ll never wear over there, laptop, work, administration, medication.. did I forget something?


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PETS (2)

Our sweet old Baba is sick… she can hardly breath :(The vet says it’s probably cancer, and we have to prepare to send her to her endless sleep.I miss her already! We got her in the same year as Butcher..they came together, they go together…

PETS (5)


For 14 years she was our loyal friend, now we’ve got a few days left.

Friday morning

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In exactly 2 weeks, we’re off to Asia. I’m getting more and more excited, wondering how Luna will react to being so long away from home… and me too, first time without my papa! who was always in Bali when I was there. If any problems, he would arrange everything to solve them. This time it will be different, but now that I speak the language better, I’ll think I’ll manage, if not, well that would be my KARMA then (East Bali way of thinking)

I just booked a flight Bali -Thailand too!
21 July we’ll fly for 2 weeks to Bangkok, and we’ll travel around a bit too.
We will meet Jazz there and his (new) gf. He will show us around, since he’s there for quite some time now, he knows what are must-sees there.

Yesterday I called my friend Jacky. She lives in Bali with her son and it was soooo good to hear her voice, we were both trying to understand each other, but the connection was so bad we ended up with sending txt messages. It was fun to hear her laughing though.

The renovation of our room is finished now, so I can start cleaning there.
I had to go out last night to buy a new vacuum cleaner > ours broke down at the moment we most needed it!
This was vacuum cleaner number 4 in 3 years!! Can you believe the shit they build these days, just to keep economies going?
My first vacuum cleaner was at least 15 years old, was given for free to me and I got rid of it just because the iron robot was too big and heavy for me… I wish I never done that. They don’t make stuff anymore like they used to do.
well, I hope my new dust sucking baby will live longer and stronger :)

Oh jeah… look at the nice grave our Butcher has:

butchers resting place

Close up of his present for the eternal hunting fields, some body stole it already, now there is a statue of a cat at that place (present of Marcia)

butchers resting place