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Baba 2

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saying goodbye


Baba died two days ago.
As if she was feeling we are going to leave her 4 months behind… the past weeks she started to stop playing and eating less, and sighed a lot, I thought she was depressed because she felt something is going on in our family.
Last Tuesday I decided to go see the vet, to check her. He examined her blood, which was perfect on all levels, and told me that it could be either a virus or cancer of the lungs, since she had a breast amputated 6 years ago because of a bad tumor.
I went home with pills but she got worse bi the hour. The next day she could not walk for 20 meters anymore.
I went back to the vet, because her tongue started to turn blue from lack of oxygen. He diagnosed the cancer and told me we had to decide if and when we wanted to put her asleep.
We went home and talked about it and we decided we would wait ’till after the weekend, so we could get used to her leaving us.
The next day she was even worse so I called the vet to tell him I didn’t want her to suffer anymore, made the appointment for that evening, the vet would come to our house, to keep Baba relaxed, since she’s terrified of the vet’s place.
However in the afternoon Baba started to act weird and within 1/2 our she died. I called the vet, but when he arrived she was already in a coma. She died in-between Luna and me.
We miss her.

PETS (3)

So.. two of our old animals died in 1 month, and 6 days until we are in Bali. The irony …
The Balinese in our village would be rolling over the floor of laughing when they would read this post!
A dog is either a pain in the ass the you kick around and throw rocks (bad karma) at OR you catch it and you make a good sateh anjin with it.

dark side of Bali
Well I’m going to start the real packing now, make a checklist, papers, money, too many clothes that we’ll never wear over there, laptop, work, administration, medication.. did I forget something?