First months of 2009

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OMG! It’s already halfway February…
2 1/2 months before we leave to Bali again.
Luna passed her school examines this month, so she is sure she can come along with me.

The first test she failed (because of her attitude, hihi), so the second test she tried her best to put her ego aside, and pass :)

Jazz left for 6 months to Thailand for his final scholarship (?).
My clever boy decided to do a boxing match few days before take off… AND managed to break his hand.

 bokser (2)
So now he’s in Thailand with a plastered right hand, but he’s doing ok and enjoying the Thai experience for as far as I understood.
We make every 2 days cheap calls to Thailand to see how he’s doing, but he doesn’t have internet in his appartment yet, so I have not seen any photo’s yet. I’m curious.

Oyeah, old news, but a picture of my tatto with colors:

tattoo-color (8) 
my sweet Ganesha guiding me where ever I go…

My seahorse, the only male anymal that gives birth to babies… my father was hoping for a son when I was born :)

tattoo-color (4) 
My Lotusses, symbolizing the connections with my family and loved ones.


One thought on “First months of 2009

  1. Looking good Daphne, I didn’t know the seahorse had some new coloring allready.
    Are you going to leave the seastar and the coral the way they are, or will you have them re-colored as well?
    It’s starting to look more coherent now. (dictionary !) ;-)
    Love, *Ellen* xXx

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