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Woke up feeling so down this morning…that rarely happens to me.
Yesterday my youngest kid had her graduation, and she did NOT want me (and her dad) to be there.
I was very very disappointed, cried all afternoon, and did not speak to her when she returned home…
Now, after a night sleep I should forgive her and go on with life, but it is still eating me. I am angry with her and sooo sad she denied us to witness her FIRST official milestone. When I think of all the worries she has put us through, to keep her in school, I just can’t help to feel hurt.
Bad feeling GO AWAY!

2 Thoughts on “down

  1. Ow sis, I know that’s hard on you ..
    But you know, kids are different, my Vince also didn’t need me or his dad at his graduation, remember ?
    While Tomas wanted us there … they’re different that’s all.
    BTW … you could have come to me for a smoke or/and a drink when you feel down.
    But you rather solve your feelings on your own and talk later about them … that’s how YOU are.
    I respect that, and don’t feel hurt that you didn’t pour your heart out to me, your sister.
    You’re different too .. and I like that ! <3
    Startears xXx

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