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It’s been a couple of months now that Jazz lives in Thailand. He’s having a good time, new country, new girlfriend. I really have to get used to the new girlfriend part though… we loved Qiong his Chinese girlfriend so much. But of course he must follow his heart, and mamma must take a step back and stop thinking about daughters in law and stop thinking every gf will be a new daughter, haha.
Anyway, he’s having a great time, because of the crisis, they only work 4 days a week: so 3 days per week left to spend sightseeing with the girlfriends. Not a bad way at all to spend 6 months Thailand.

Over here we start feeling the crisis also, I’ve got less work and every month the money seems to vaporize. Still, not complaining, I realize we still belong to the wealthiest people on earth, but not the happiest!
When Luna and I will be in Bali (in 1 month & 3 weeks we are leaving!), we will have to live on a very tight budget, it will be fun!
Oh, I’m so looking fore ward to our 4 months Bali *sigh*., but I think I mention that in every post inhere :)
Francois found himself at the artist section of Gretch guitars!!
Next to names like Django Reinhardt, Brian Setzer and George Harrison, not bad at all huh?
He was so happy when he found out, and I’m so happy for him!
Bang bang bazooka has a new drummer now, and for the first time in years I like what I’m hearing when I listen to the rehearsal tapes.
10 may they will do the last gig with Rene and the first gig with Marc, the new drummer. Too bad I have to miss that party, but I doubt I’ll be actually missing it, while grilling my fresh caught fish at the beach.

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