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I did it!

Yesterday I went all by myself on the motorbike to the immigration office in Singaraja :)

I woke up at 3 AM, not because I wanted to (the alarm was set on 5 AM) but because the pack of dogs didn’t shut up all night!
So I had a quiet relaxing wake up before 6 AM , the time for take off.

But when I opened the door, Pikkie (my dog) escaped!
I had to wake up my couchsurfer to catch him, so I could leave with the dog running after (or in front) of my bike.
It all turned out perfectly, she didn’t get a sunrise here yet and it was one of the best I’ve seen this year.

Over 150 kilometers Bali traffic, breathtaking landscapes, crossing crazy markets and a depressing city.  Arrived 1/2 hour too early, so that was good planning, still some time to do local breakfast before giving my fingerprints and smile to the immigration officials. Rice, tempeh, egg, vegetables and a lot of sambal, my kind of breakfast.

On the way to Singaraja I passed a market where I spotted a badly wounded dog > half of his head open and his ear hanging loose. I tried to find and rescue him on the way back but couldn’t find him anymore :(

the snor

In the city of Singaraja I spotted 3 times some dirty confused homeless people, I wanted to save them too … but I didn’t.

On the way back when I stopped for gas, I met a woman with a mustache and her half paralyzed husband, we shared coffee and cigarettes and some nice conversation and she even let me take a picture of her, with the condition that I give her my telephone number, which I did,

Now she keeps calling me :D  (no, I didn’t answer yet)



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