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So Facebook blocked me again.


Because on the facebook page of Anti Fur Society some 14 year old kid named Dalton Bryce Kelly starts posting pictures of trapped fox to chock us, the animal respecters, with the text: Nice grey fox I caught still in the freezer. Yall want me to post a video of my skinning it?
I’ve seen worse and was not shocked but it did pis me off.
So I went to this kids profile (to find a collection of hunting pics and video’s) to get his picture and embarrass him a little bit on Facebook!

It didn’t last long enough for my taste, facebook deleted the post, slapped me on my fingers and blocked my posting for 12 hrs, boohoo :(

So here it does again:

I know he just a kid, and should probably do the same for the kids daddy (or not do this at all), but it wasn’t him posting, although he is the one raising a killing machine, but I think that’s exactly what he’s trying to do. I surfed a bit through the friends, and the kids around there are all posting bloody pictures of themselves with fresh kill, calling themselves “hunters” , KIDS for god’s sake!.  And in the meanwhile complain to Mc Donalds that there are 2 nuggets short in his portion. What are they hunting for if afterwards they eat the Mc Donalds shit instead of the meat they hunting?

From what I see this is a war loving and kill loving redneck family, people I will never understand, and vise verse.
The boy is probably trying to live up to his dad’s expectations …
I do hope these photoshops will teach him a lesson to respect the opinion of others, and not provoke on social media.



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